Chapter One


Klaus is the first to wake up, even if just barely. He lies on the ground, thinking of nothing and everything. He worries about school, and his family life, and the state of the world, all while dead to his surroundings. In a sense he is still half asleep, and nothing disturbs his slumber until someone sits up to his right. This is when he begins to process the current situation. He sits up as well, semi-automatically, and looks around drearily, taking in the dull greys and tans of the unfamiliar room around him, the layout of which is pictured below:

Next to Klaus is a boy who regards him with curiosity. "wh..what's going on...?" The boy asks. Klaus stares back at him silently.

"wh-where are we...? Do... do you know what's going on...?" The boy continues, yet Klaus can do nothing but stare. Thoughts race in his head much faster now. He thinks of all the meetings he must be missing, that his father must be furious with him, that he's gotten himself into another impossible situation, and as he worries, he stares at the other boy, completely still save for some minute twitches and jolts throughout his body. The other boy, now quiet as well, notices this and quickly unnotices, clutching some dirt as he looks to the ground.